Face-to-Face With History

28 01 2012

So, bit of a surreal life this month.  Our first Commission meeting put me in a room with Sinjin Smith (aka father of beach volleyball).  A few days later, I am talking volleyball development and best practices with some of the most prolific minds in our sport (Pat Powers, John Kessel to name a few).  The awe of their accomplishments quickly fades and I quickly shift into “sponge mode” and trying to learn all I can from these guys.

Today is our final meeting (though technically we still have our Finance meeting next month) and today I am literally staring at a face of contemporary history (if that makes sense).  It’s the Medical Commission today and the doctor seated directly in front of me (less than 4 feet from me) is Fidel Castro’s son.  It’s amazing to stare (secretly) at his face and see the younger (very cleanly shaven and more attractive face) of the Cuban leader.  Dr.Castro has a much sharper nose, but it’s eerie to see the exact same eyes as the infamous dictator.

You can google Antonio Castro Soto and check him out (he’s a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and is the Team Doctor of the Cuban National Baseball team).  The photos online don’t do him justice as there is something unsettling and intriguing about sharing the same space with him.  Can you imagine what his life has been like?  I am ridiculously curious, but obviously was raised as a polite Canadian girl who would never ask such impertinent questions.  Not even after a couple glasses of wine.

It’s a crazy little wonderful life I lead.




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